Meet Debbie ~ Sada Ram Kaur

My passion for bodywork started at the age of four. After studying ballet, gymnastics and tap, modern and ballroom dancing, I discovered Yoga when I was pregnant with my youngest daughter. After her birth, I signed up for an Ashtanga course that was being organised at the Sports Club which I used to run and manage. I frequently attended Bikram Yoga classes as well as regularly running and kickboxing. I then decided to take my new-found passion a step further and signed up for a Yoga course with the School of Natural Holistic Sciences and successfully qualified with a diploma to teach Beginners Yoga. This was soon followed by an intensive Sun Power Yoga Teacher Training course in Spain, where I discovered the real meaning of yoga and indeed started a journey of self-discovery.

Yoga has helped me to lose weight and tone up. It has cured me of a very painful hip condition, and it complements other physical activities I engage in.  Yoga has given me the confidence and inner strength to inspire others and that is my objective for every yoga lesson; to instil confidence, strength and inspiration in my students.  My clients have included people of various fitness levels, different body shapes and with an array of ailments, such as back pain, arthritis, thyroid problems. I have also helped my students to manage lifelong conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, fibromyalgia and scoliosis and have personally witnessed how Yoga helps relieve and in some cases cure such conditions.  Most of all I have learnt how Yoga is not just what happens on the mat but is a way of uniting your mind, body and breath. Uniting in Yoga.

My yogic journey is a continuous one and has become my way of life. Over the years I have continued to learn about different types of yoga, attending different classes and workshops, all of which have subsequently flavoured the classes I teach.  I am also currently undergoing Kundalini Yoga teacher training and aspire to be an awakened and enlightened Higher Self.

I could not have tackled this journey alone, so there are a few people I would like to thank.  Firstly, my beautiful daughters and husband who have put up with my many yoga books and equipment sharing our space and the smell of incense in our home! Secondly,my wickedly beautiful and inspirational teacher, Anne-Marie Newland, who managed to coaxe out my inner strength and make me the person I am today; the best I could possibly be as a teacher and yoga practitioner.  She had continuous faith in me even when I didn’t and helped me through some very difficult times in my life.  I owe this amazing lady so much!  Thank you Siromani!  And I cannot forget Rita Osborne ( ) and Shola Caroline Arewa ( ) for their ongoing support and help throughout my Sun Power Yoga Teacher Training.  I cannot forget Norman Blair who invited me into the world of Yin yoga which influences a lot of my current yoga classes.  I loved attending his monthly classes where I would literally lose myself for three hours of practicing yoga in the most meditative and peaceful state ever!  Last but not least I want to thank my teacher Shivdev ( and Guru Deva Kaur who together are the backbone delivering my Kundalini awakening training following the lineage of Yogi Bhajan.  I already feel so ‘awakened’ that words cannot describe and feel truly honoured and humble to be embarking in the Aquarian Age with like-minded, spiritual people.