Meet Debbie ~ Sada Ram Kaur

My passion for bodywork started at the age of four. After studying ballet, gymnastics and tap, modern and ballroom dancing, I discovered Yoga when I was pregnant with my youngest daughter. After her birth, I signed up for an Ashtanga course that was being organised at the Sports Club which I used to run and manage. I frequently attended Bikram Yoga classes as well as regularly running and kickboxing. I then decided to take my new-found passion a step further and signed up for a Yoga course with the School of Natural Holistic Sciences and successfully qualified with a diploma to teach Beginners Yoga. This was soon followed by an intensive Sun Power Yoga Teacher Training course in Spain, where I discovered the real meaning of yoga and indeed started a journey of self-discovery.


Yoga has helped me to lose weight and tone up. It has cured me of a very painful hip condition, and it complements other physical activities I engage in. Yoga has given me the confidence and inner strength to inspire others and that is my objective for every yoga lesson; to instil confidence, strength and inspiration in my students. My clients have included people of